Nebraska State Championship

By John Kolb | Nov 01, 2023 1:36 PM

Congratulations! Here are the results from the Nebraska State Championship. Thank you to all the 56 players who showed up and participated.

The top 11 finishers received a trophy and an entry into the FPN Vegas $100k World Championship Main Event, and the top 3 received a $200 travel voucher!

1st: Joe Faltys (2x bonus stack)

2nd: Tom Anderson (TA-6) (3x bonus stack)

3rd: Matthew Russo (3x bonus stack)

4th: Ricky Wescott (Fivedeuce) (3x bonus stack)

5th: Amanda Munoz (2x bonus stack)

6th: Frank Hernandez (ace3651) (3x bonus stack)

7th: Billy Gude (willygee) (2x bonus stack)

8th: Sam Christensen (3x bonus stack)

9th: Eddie Blanco (2x bonus stack)

10th: Michael Wiedenfeld (wiedm) (4x bonus stack)

11th: Sahil Mullick (DocSM) (4x bonus stack)

2nd Chance Tournament: earned Trophy and Seat

Leo Sylvan (3x bonus stack)

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I hope to see you there!