Turbo-charge your game for the latest contest from FPN!

Starting Jan 2023, the RACE IS ON to qualify for the FPN Vegas $100,000 World Championship!

FPN is doubling down on prizes!

Exciting new changes to the format in 2023:

  • Introducing a *New* WEEKLY Nat'l Qualifier! Top 3 players in EVERY league game will earn an invitation/ticket to play in any of the Weekly qualifiers. Win a direct Seat + $200 Travel Voucher for the FPN Vegas $100k World Championship Main Event!
  • League Champs EARN a direct seat to the FPN Vegas $100k World Championship Main Event!
  • Tournament of Champions (where offered) will also EARN a direct seat to the FPN Vegas $100k World Championship Main Event!
  • Pre-qualify for up to 4x starting stack at FPN Vegas $100k World Championship Main Event (previously 3x max).
  • Tournament of Champions is now an optional add-on for Sponsors

HOW TO GET QUALIFIED - FPN Vegas $100k World Championship

There are a number of ways to qualify for the FPN Vegas $100k World Championship.

  1. The first step is to play free texas holdem tournaments at a participating location near you. Play to earn points, win nightly prizes (varies) and win a Scratch Poker card for a chance to win $200 or $1,000 instantly!
  2. The Top 3 players in every game will receive a Ticket to play in the Weekly Championship Qualifier (starting mid January) on Also, the top 10% of the weekly tournament will advance to the Monthly Championship Qualifier (see below).
  3. Monthly points leaders at each location qualify for the Monthly Championship Qualifier (starting in February) on playfpn.onlilne. Also, the top 10% of that field will advance to the Season Championship (see below)
  4. Quarterly (Season) Points Leader earn LEAGUE CHAMP status, automatically qualify directly for a seat in the FPN Vegas $100k World Championship Main Event and receive the coveted League Champ Medallion. AND, an invite to play in the Season Championship on for additional chances to win chip bonuses and travel vouchers ($) for Vegas.
  5. Tournament of Champions. Win any regular season game to qualify for the location's in-house TOURNAMENT of CHAMPIONS. TOC winner earns a Medallion and as well as qualify directly for the FPN Vegas $100k World Championship Main Event PLUS a $200 Travel Voucher.
  6. REGIONAL (STATE) CHAMPIONSHIPS. Live state or regional championships will run at the end of the Summer season (October/November) for a chance to earn Seat + Trophy + Travel. Players qualify by placing in the Top 10% of any location's leaderboard for a given season (usually quarterly). Same players ALSO earn a seat to the play in the Season Championship on There are so many ways to win!
  7. Online League Play. For those who do not have a location nearby can participate in leagues online, every day of the week (except Saturday). Sunday VIP League winners earn $200 cash. Check it out!

THE MORE YOU QUALIFY, THE MORE CHIPS YOU GET! Qualify for nationals multiple times to receive up to 4X chip bonus in the final tournament!

Did you know? It's theoretically possible to qualify by winning just TWO tournaments at your local bar (win a regular season tourney AND the bar's Tournament of Champions tourney - it's been done! Michael Ackermann from Port 104 in Lake City Turns Scratch Poker card into $10,000 cash).. By winning any regular season game you get a chance to get lucky with our Scratch Poker card. Scratch off a royal flush to win $1,000 cash or scratch 4-of-a-kind or better to qualify for a seat in the WORLD SERIES -or- BUST finale! Tell your poker playing buddies to come out and play and you'll receive bonus chips for bringing new players into the game.



    FPN Vegas $100k League Champ Medallion

    • Win the points race at your bar in any QUARTER (Winter, Spring, Summer) to earn the LEAGUE CHAMP MEDALLION. League Champs earn a DIRECT seat to the FPN Vegas $100k World Championship Main Event (January 2024 Golden Nugget Las Vegas)

      • All winners of each tournament automatically qualify for the end-of-season TOURNAMENT OF CHAMPIONS. The overall TOC Champ will earn bragging rights and a TOC Medallion, PLUS a DIRECT seat in the FPN Vegas 100k World Championship Main Event plus $200 Travel Voucher.
      • Note: Super-TOC has been eliminated.


    Weekly winners will receive the added bonus of playing Scratch Poker game for a chance to INSTANTLY win CASH and an invite to the National Final! The game has all 52 cards randomly arranged and hidden. Scratch off any SEVEN (7) to make the best poker hand possible. You will win an invite to the national series INSTANTLY by getting 4 of a Kind or higher! Scratch a Royal Flush and you will also earn $1,000 cash! ALSO!

    Scratch off 2 pair or better and you will be eligible for a new monthly drawing for invites to national championship and/or prizes! Write your name and address on the back of the card and send it to FPN Gaming, 4151 38th St S, Suite C, Fargo, ND 58104 for the monthly drawing!


    Players who appear in each weekly tournament at a location are automatically entered into a MONTHLY drawing for awesome prizes! We will award national invites, local tourney buy-ins, merchandise/swag, and cool gadgets. It pays to participate on the regular!


    Qualify multiple times to earn bonus starting chips for playoff events and even the national final! Stack em up! ALSO - bring a friend to any regular season tourney and they will receive bonus chips, and so will you!


      • League Tourneys are held NIGHTLY on, with similar scoring as live tournament play. Play to qualify for the Monthly TOC ($200 cash) and Monthly FPN Vegas $100k World Championship qualifiers (seat packages).


    (The following regions with more than 5 participating bars will have regional playoff step to advance to state Finals)

        • Oct/Nov 2023
        • In-house tourneys - Oct/Nov 2023
      • 2024 FPN Vegas $100k World Championship
        • Golden Nugget Casino - Jan 4th-7th 2024


    Check the website for Venues near you. If there is not a location near you, please start one! The Free Poker Network is a grass-roots organization started and run by players and fans of league.

Weekly, Monthly, and Quarterly Online Tournaments Jan thru Sept 2023

Players will receive invite ticket codes automatically to their profile when placing in the Top 3 of any nightly game. The ticket code is good for any WEEKLY FPN Vegas $100k World Championship Qualifier online Starting Jan 15th.

  • WEEKLY qualifier starting Sunday January 15th 4pm CST and every Sunday thereafter, with last tournament in this series September 24th (same blind structure details as our established Monthly tournament) 1st Place - Seat in FPN Vegas 100k World Championship plus $200 Travel Voucher. 2nd thru 5th of the field ADVANCE to MONTHLY qualifier ->
  • MONTHLY qualifier starting Sunday February 19th 12pm CST (Sunday March 19th, Sunday April 16th, Sunday May 21st, Sunday June 11th, Sunday July 16th, Sun Aug 20th, Sun Sept 17th, Sun Oct 15th) 1st Place - Seat in FPN Vegas 100k World Championship + $500 Travel Voucher 2nd: Seat + $200 Travel Voucher 3rd: Seat + $200 Travel Voucher 4-5th: Seat only Top 10% of this field ADVANCE to the Season Championship ->
  • SEASON Championship qualifier (three (3) quarterly) Sunday April 30th 12pm CST (Sunday July 23rd 12pm, Sunday Oct 22nd 12pm) 1st Place: Seat in FPN Vegas 100k World plus $500 Travel Voucher 2nd: Seat + $300 3rd: Seat + $200 4th: Seat + $200 5th: Seat + $200 6-9th: Seat only

What: FPN Vegas $100k World Championship

When: Jan 4th-7th

Where: Gold Nugget Las Vegas (Grand Ballroom)

Complete event tournament schedule & details to be announced. For now, SAVE THE DATE! :)

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