FPN Vegas $100k Bar Championship Results

By Brook Lyter | Jan 06, 2024 11:40 AM

Rong Gao (Misfits-NV) edged out Christpher Graves (MN) for the Bar Championship Trophy and $1500 cash. There were 166 entries in this qualifier, here are the Top 15% advancing qualifiers:

  • Rong Gao (NV)
  • Christopher Graves (MN)
  • Tom Soulis (ND)
  • Samantah Jacob (DE)
  • Jason Capeti (MN)
  • Terry Williams (SD)
  • Elizabeth Hurlbert (MN)
  • Kenny Maertins (NE)
  • Joashua Camden (IL)
  • Jeffrey Flaten (MN)
  • Al Buhr (NE)
  • Chad Rohloff (MN)
  • Christopher Nelson (MN)
  • Jack Lippert (FL)
  • Matthew Miller (IL)
  • Jordan Sleen (MN)
  • Willie Russaw (SD)
  • Michael Yoder (FL)
  • Vijay Caplon (NV)
  • Phillip Doerr (NE)
  • Bradley Ballman (MN)
  • Edward Cacacuiti (DE)
  • Joel Smith (MN)
  • Mona Spratlen (NE)
  • Donna Parrino (KY)

The advancing players will add 20k in chips to their starting stack for tomorrow's FPN Vegas $100k World Championship Main Event which kicks off at 10am PST. The tournament will be live-streamed on FPN's Youtube Channel. Please like & subscribe!