Spyros On Fire

By Gary Lance | May 16, 2023 10:16 AM

Today’s game marked the return of Edible after a much too long absence. In celebration, he kindly bought a round of drinks for the gang.

Congratulations to Spyros The Wildcard Apessos for being the sole survivor of the five-table gauntlet of free poker. From the start, Spyros burned his opposition like Greek Fire, seemingly hitting every hand he played and taking no prisoners. The running joke of the night was that his table was a meatgrinder, eliminating players as quickly as they were moved into the empty seats. Badass Becca Averell was moved to his table mid-game and seemed to have snuffed out his flame, taking the chip lead from him leading up to the formation of the final table. But the embers inside him reignited into an inferno, consuming all in his pyromania. A three-way all-in involving Sean The Punisher Pryor, Badass Becca, and Spyros ended in a double KO, leaving one victim remaining: Gutshot Gary. Gary tried battling from behind, doubling up once and bringing the stacks to close to even. But ultimately, Spyros was unstoppable. With his victory in hand, Spyros let out triumphant roar that still echoes through the scorched remains left in his wake.