Rollercoaster Rachel Soars to Success

By Gary Lance | Feb 25, 2023 4:56 PM

While the majority of leagues in FPN were getting hammered by the blizzard of 2023, the men of 302 Poker continued to get hammered by the ladies. Rollercoaster Rachel Simpson rode numerous ups and downs this week to earn her first W of the Winter Quarter. Her path to victory included doubling-up Kallin’ Karla Glick twice and Sean The Punisher Pryor literally five times before defeating him heads-up.

In early action on Table 5, blinds 50/100; Mo Money Muhammet Aydin bet 300 from SB into Mark 3rd Degree Burns’ BB. Mark raised to 600 prompting Muhammet to re-raise all-in. Mark called to find his KQ was dominated by Muhammet’s AK. The ladies came out in force to Mark’s defense with a Q99 flop…and a Q on the turn…and a Q on the river.

A few hands later, blinds 75/150 Gonzo Gary Lance limped UTG, Tee-Bone Christopher bet 600, Tony Sriracha Ciaranca called from SB, Pat McStat McVeigh called from BB, and Gary jammed all-in. Tee called, Tony called after 90 seconds of internal (mostly) agonizing deliberation, and Pat folded. Gary’s AK split with Tee’s AT when the board double paired 962, 6, 9. Tony’s JJ would have won. Tough spot.

Early in final table action, Steve Triple-B raised all-in with less than seven big blinds UTG. Karla called from mid-position and Rachel called from the BB. As mentioned above, Rachel had doubled up Karla twice before this hand. The flop came 9h6hx. Karla shoved for her remaining stack and Rachel called. Rachel flipped A9, Steve A6, and Karla KhQh. Rachel faded a heart and a 6 on the runout and registered a double KO.

Later, Rachel took the majority of Ryan Carr’s chips when she flopped trip-deuces and he kept betting into her. She improved to a boat with an ace on the turn and hollywooded a call on the river. Ryan complimented her saying he could never put her on that hand. Shortly after, Rachel and Tee locked horns when Tee bet 2x UTG with AA and Rachel raised all-in with Tc8c. Flop came AK2c. Qc on the turn then Jc on the river. Tee grumbled his way to rail.

Entering heads-up play, Rachel had Sean covered about 4-to-1. She had doubled him up while three-handed (99 vs AA, hitting quad Aces). She proceeded to double him up an additional four times before the final hand. They both limped to see a Q96 flop. Bet, call. Turn was a 9; bet, call. River was an 8; all-in, call. Rachel announced she had a straight and tabled Th7h (happy birthday). Sean said, “of course you do” and mucked his hand.