Rollercoaster Rachel Rallies to Rack up Repeat Wins

By Gary Lance | Apr 07, 2023 6:44 PM

The first game of the Spring Quarter kicked off this week with our first repeat winner of the 100K promo. Rollercoaster Rachel rose above the rambunctious rabble and rowdy riffraff to righteous rejoicing and revelry. Ambitious and absurd alliteration aside 😉, Rachel simply kicked names and took ass.

Some hands of note:

With blinds at 50/100, Gutshot Gary raised UTG with Pocket Rockets. Badass Becca called from UTG+1 and Roger The Rounder called from SB. Flop was 322 and The Rounder checked to Gutshot Gary who bet 1,000. Badass Becca and The Rounder called. Turn was a Q and Roger bet 2,000. Gutshot Gary raised all-in. Badass Becca called as did The Rounder. Gutshot Gary tabled his AA, The Rounder flipped over Crabs 33, and Badass Becca turned over Ladies QQ. River was a meaningless 6 and Badass Becca nearly tripled up, The Rounder sheepishly tossed in his re-buy chip, and Gutshot Gary was crippled to ten big blinds.

Early in final table play, Rollercoaster Rachel bet, Ryan Crazy Train Carr and Tre Mad Dog Manning both called. They saw a flop of KJ9. Rachel bet into her opponents and both called. Rachel verbalized surprise that they both called. The turn paired the J on the board and Rachel shot a second bullet (all-in) into her opponents. Ryan groaned that he should have raised instead of calling. He folded, as did Tre. Ryan asked what she had and Rachel showed K8. Ryan said he folded KQ. Way to successfully represent trips.

While three-handed, Rachel started pressuring her opponents with her big stack. With blinds at 5k/10k, she raised 4x from the button. Maya Maelstrom called from the big blind. When the flop came KJ3, Maya threw in her remaining chips (~15k). Rachel suspected she was bested but couldn’t fold and called with AQ. Maya Maelstrom flipped over K8. Rachel turned an ace and the river was a harmless deuce.

With Maya Maelstrom eliminated, Rollercoaster Rachel had a good 7-to-1 chip lead on Sean The Punisher Pryor. They only played a few hands before The Punisher had a hand in which he felt comfortable enough to get it all-in. Rollercoaster Rachel tabled 87 and The Punisher tabled A3. The Punisher proclaimed that it was all over. When the flop came JT8, his prophesized demise was realized. 7 on the turn cemented Rachel’s victory.