Special Guest Matt Savage Joins FPN Vegas Broadcast During Tag Team Championship Event

By Rana Martinez | Jan 27, 2024 3:55 PM

During the live coverage of the FPN World Championship tournament, the iconic Matt Savage, Executive Tour Director for the World Poker Tour, stopped in to check out the action at the Golden Nugget Grand Ballroom where the FPN Vegas $100k World Championship - Tag Team final table live stream was underway. Taking a seat in the live commentary booth alongside Chris Hanson, host of ”Poker Night in America” and FPN's Brian Peck. Savage raised the stakes of commentary and brought a fresh and engaging perspective to the event, creating a palpable buzz among the FPN community.

With a stellar record of officiating over 400 televised poker games, Matt Savage stands as a true influential figure in the poker community. His experience spans across major TV networks like Fox News, FSN, Travel Channel, NBC, and ESPN, making him a seasoned pro in the field. As a co-founder of The Tournament Directors Association, Savage's commitment to the poker community is akin to holding a royal flush.

Savage, one of the most sought-after tournament directors and officiators in the world of poker joining the FPN stream was a jackpot win for viewers, players and FPN!

"It's guys like you that are doing these things for the bar leagues that keep it (poker) alive in places that it might not be..." "There's a passion here" - Matt Savage.

FPN Youtube Channel: Watch and listen to the dynamic discussion as the two worlds of passion poker and professional poker collide, unraveling the intricacies of the event's Tag Team Final Table. We can't help wonder what interesting promotions FPN could do to bring players to an event in the World Poker Tour!