Noel Batres and Paul Hamann Capture Tag Team Championship

By Brook Lyter | May 31, 2024 9:09 AM

Congrats to Noel Batres and Paul Hamann from Illinois for taking down the Step In The Ring TAG TEAM Championship!!

What a great time this event was. 123 teams from around the league showed up to take a crack at making the final table and earning seats plus 20k chips and cash for Friday's Main Event. report:

Youtube Live Stream Replay:

At the end, Noel Batres and Paul Hamann came out on top, earning $1200 cash and more chips for Friday's Main Event. Here is the final table results:

1 Noel Batres-Paul Hamann $1200
2 Stephanie Rivera Tomasello-Jacob Karnowski $600
3 Jeff Gab - Neil Kokal $300
4 Joel Smith-Nikki Smith $200
5 Galen Nelson-Mike McConniel $200
6 Darren Wiese-Larry Sundberg $200
7 Joe Tijerina-Lysandra Ybarra $200
8 John Peden-Kelly Peden $200
9 Keith Wall-Lance Palmer $200

We'll post a photo dump on Free Poker Network's Facebook page later today.