Kentucky's Darrell Beaty won the FPN Vegas $100K Monthly Championship

By John Kolb | Sep 17, 2023 5:34 PM

Darrell Beaty of Kentucky won the FPN Vegas $100K Monthly Championship after defeating 177 other players. Darrell won a seat in the FPN Vegas $100k World Championship Main Event as well as a $500 travel voucher for qualifying!

He plays at Joe's Older Than Dirt and Mr G's Bar & Grill in Louisville, KY.

Players who have already qualified for the National Final can earn up to a 4X starting chip bonus (pre-Vegas) and are encouraged to continue playing for chip bonuses and travel expenses.

Here are the results:

The top five players have all qualified for the FPN Vegas $100k World Championship Main Event!

Darrell Beaty (Dabeaty13) of Kentucky won first place and a $500 travel voucher.
Mike Marek (seadog1971) from MN comes in second with a $200 travel voucher (4x Bonus Stack).
3rd place: Phil Bona (Flipper48) of Illinois + $200 Travel Voucher
4th: MN's Christopher Graves (cpgraves) (2x Bonus Stack)
Justin Moore (Judd1231) of Illinois finished fifth (4x Bonus Stack).

In addition, the top 10% of this field will compete in the Summer Championship on Sunday, October 22nd, at 12 p.m. CST.

6th: Tom Zumm (Pilot-T) from IL
7th: Vernal Christensen (verchr) from SD
8th: Troy DeMann (Kelmore) from MN
9th: Dave Larsen (tiberius1701) from MN
10th: Glen Kent (GKent) from NV
11th: Luciano Ciaranca (luciaranca) from DE
12th: John Rottman (JMRGrinder) from MN
13th: Jack Lippert (rocketman2) from FL
14th: Matt Darron (MattDarron) from MD
15th: Jamie Clemmons (Maverick1975) from IL
16th: Gary Lance (glance302) from DE
17th: Daren Eliason (eliasond) from ND

Players! Did you know that? In the nickname section of your profile, you may enter your screen name. It aids us in determining who is who among the monthly qualifiers.

How to Qualify

The top 20% on each monthly leaderboard win a ticket or code to the monthly qualifier. Tickets are distributed by notifications on Please log in to view your alerts! If you did not get a code, ensure that your host is reviewing your verified player account and confirming all tournament results by the 10th of each month.

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