Winner Winner Kyle Skinner

By Gary Lance | Mar 17, 2023 2:46 PM

With the end of the Winter Quarter quickly approaching, Kyle Once-in-a-While Skinner returned from his nearly three-month hiatus to win his first game played of the 100K promo. He briefly battled heads-up with Rollercoaster Rachel until he slow-played a flopped boat and patiently waited for Rachel to bet. Rachel eventually went all-in on the river and Kyle snap called.

With blinds at 75/150, Krystal The Pistol Crumlish raised to 600 from the button and Tee-Bone Christopher called from the big blind. Flop came JcJs9s. Tee checked, Krystal bet 600, Tee called. Turn was Kc. Tee checked, Krystal bet 600, Tee called. River was the Jh. Tee bet 600, Krystal raised to 1200, Tee called. Krystal flipped over KdQh and Tee flashed two red 66’s as he pushed the pot to Krystal.

Rollercoaster Rachel raised from early position approx. 6x. Folded to Jim Pinball Wizard in the BB who decided to call. The flop was KJ6 and Jim checked. Rachel bet 1/3rd pot and Jim called. Turn was a J and Jim pushed all-in. Rachel called. Jim flipped over AA and Rachel flipped over AA. The river was a queen and the players split the pot.

As we were quickly approaching the bubble, Tony Sriracha Ciaranca and Tee-Bone Christopher had their final big clash of the evening (I honestly lost count of how many clashes they’ve had). Anyway, Tee limped in and /tony called. Flop came down QsAcKc and both players checked. Turn was a 2d and both players checked. River was the 9c and all hell broke loose. Both players get it all in and Tony flips over the 2nd nuts Jc5c and Tee flips the nuts with Qc8c.

Five handed play, Kyle Once-in-a-While limps UTG, HJ and Button fold, Tee-Bone goes all-in with a short stack on the SB. Chip leader Maya Morningstar calls from the BB. Kyle Jams all-in and Maya calls. Tee tables QcJs, Kyle tables 3h3d, and Maya tables 7c7d. Flop comes out Ah5d4d. Kyle starts calling for a deuce as the 3c hits the turn. “That’ll do”, he says as the Ac falls on the river. Tee is eliminated in 6th place and Kyle more than doubles up. Pat McStat McVeigh was out in 5th, Maya would soon after be eliminated in 4th place while Tie-Dye Matt was eliminated in 3rd; thus, ending his streak of 2nd place finishes.