Vernon Johnson Hangs On For a Wild Ride and a TOC Victory!

By Lance Palmer | Apr 20, 2024 7:52 PM

It was a fantastic day for poker at Fred's Tavern. Let me preface this by saying that to start the day, we had a table that needed to have the legs replaced on it. Lo and behold Vernon Johnson stepped up and offered to assist me with ensuring that the table was properly repaired. He showed up early and handled the repair on his own.

We had 16 of the 27 qualified players show up to take their best shot at winning a seat to the FPN Step-In-The-Ring National Championship and a $200 travel voucher, in MPL's final TOC for Season 8.

With only 2 of the 16 players eliminated from the tournament, Vernon was sitting with a short stack (5-6bb) on the verge of elimination.

After several attempts of "trying" to go home by shoving All-in, Vernon managed to chip up and make the final table to go on and outlast 8 others, including a hand that involved playing 8d3d in the BB only to end up with a runner-runner full house, to pave his way toward taking down the tournament. In the end, in a heads-up battle, Dan Stepanian found no plausible pathway to victory and happily forfeited his short stack to Vernon, giving him the victory.

Vernon's victory is not only well deserved as a poker player, but a true testament about how good things come to good people who do good deeds, expecting nothing in return.

Thank you, Vernon, and Congratulations!