Tony Sriracha Ciaranca goes on a Heater

By Gary Lance | Mar 08, 2023 2:05 PM

On the night celebrating his son’s 23rd birthday, Tony Sriracha Ciaranca proved once again that father knows best. He entered the final table with a below average stack; but through strategically timed betting and tough folds after a little tanking, Tony ended the game with all the chips.

During fifth level play, blinds 200/400/400, Gonzo Gary raised 3x from cutoff prompting Mark Third-Degree Burns to defend his big blind. Flop was 8c9cTd. Mark said, “Sorry, Gary” and bet 2500 into the pot. Gary, clearly frustrated at his long run of unplayable hands, unwisely said, “I’m good with getting it all in now” and shoved ~8K. Mark called and turned over 9s8s; Gary turned over AdTh. Mark spiked a boat when the 8h hit the turn which was quickly torpedoed when Gary found the Tc on the river. This was the first of three rough hands that ended Mark’s night.

Luc The Duke Ciaranca was eyeing up the potential heads-up match with his dad or a potential birthday bash against Tie-Dye Matt Darron (whose birthday was March 5). Those hopes were snuffed when Gary raised 2x from under the gun while five-handed. Everyone folded to Luc in the big blind. He already had 4K committed between the blind and ante with only 1.5K behind. He peeked to find he was holding As7c and decided to make his stand. Now, throughout the night (and honestly throughout the last six months or so), Gary has repeated proclaimed the power of the mighty 3-5, off-suit or suited, stating that it's trash if you limp and a monster if you raise. With that said, Gary said to Luc, “I warned you about this hand. Sorry, bud”, tossed in the 1500, and flipped over 3c5h. Flop was Ac6s2s. Turn was the Qd. Just then, super-short stacked Steve Triple B called for a four as the river fell the 4s. Note to self: I complain a lot about the bad beats I receive – but I dish out my fair share as well.

With the final table set, we quickly got down to four players. Luke Marshall Earp witnessed the power of 3-5 when he raised and got two callers. The flop was 764. Sadly, his opponents completely whiffed and they folded to his bet. Tony ended up heads-up against Matt with a sizable chip lead that steadily grew as they battled. It culminated when Matt shoved from the button with Ah2h and Tony called with his favorite hand, JhTd. Flop was 7c7d4h. The turn was the Js and the river the 6c. As this was Matt’s 3rd second place finish in ten calendar days, I now proclaim him Matt FSP (F*ck Second Place).