The Lunchbox and The Magnum

By Gary Lance | Jun 23, 2023 2:56 PM

Last night was one crazy game of poker. 35 players entered: only one emerged victorious. But before we get into that, it was Danielle’s last night with us at the bar. She is moving on to the Centennial State; home of Coor’s Beer and the original Rocky Mountain High. In Colorado, she will work towards earning her Master’s Degree in Agriculture & Resource Economics: focusing on Environmental & Behavioral Economics. She asked me to relay to everyone that it was her pleasure to be our server over the last year, or so. That she truly looked forward to our games because we all made work actually fun for her and that we will all be dearly missed. I believe that I can speak for all of us in saying that she can only be succeeded, never replaced. With that said, we are excited for her new endeavors and adventures out West and wish her the best of luck.

Now, on to the oil industry and electric cars… just kidding (inside joke for those there late last night). On to the poker. We start with three-handed play, Steve Triple-B Bufflap, micro stacked and on the button shoves all-in with ~30k (blinds are 10k/20k/20k). Morgan The Lunchbox Lightcap raises to 45k with slightly less than half the chips in play in his starting stack. Gordon The Ghost Hylinski, ponders the situation and his hand; and after a solid minute of thought, raises all-in with slightly more than half the chips in play. Morgan calls rather quickly and everyone tables their hands: Steve flips Js9s; Morgan flips the Magnum, 4s4h, and Gordon turns over Ah9c. The flop is the KhJcTd as an orgasmic sigh involuntarily emotes from Steve as he shows us all his Oh-Face. The Turn is a meaningless Kd. The River brings in the 4c, making Morgan a boat that sinks Steve’s hopes of finally winning a 6P game, cripples Gordon’s stack by roughly 90%, and sends Morgan’s chair flying half-way across the room as he leaps up in excitement. Both players go in blind the next hand and Morgan takes down the W. Congrats, bud.

With one week to go in the Quarter, the race for the seat in Nationals and the four seats in States is insanely close. Rex, Gary, and Mark are all withing 44 points of one another at the top of the list. Bufflap is a close 4th being 170 points behind Mark. Matt is a hair (just 2 points) behind Steve in 5th place. The remainder of the top dozen are all within reach of making States. Next Week’s game has the makings of a photo finish, so I hope to see you all on the felt.