Rex Wrecks Mark's Trifecta

By Gary Lance | Mar 19, 2023 2:31 PM

Michael Rex MacZynski emerged from a thin Saturday field to score his first victory at KLH. His win thwarted Mark Third-Degree Burns’ bid for his third victory of the abbreviated quarter. The two entered heads-up play with Rex having approx. a 3-to-1 chip lead. The match didn’t last too long with both players choosing an aggressive approach. The final hand had Mark on the small blind go all-in with Q9 off-suit and Rex calling with KQ suited. Flop was T44, but the turn was a K which had Mark drawing dead.

With one week left to play, it is now a three-way race to the top of the Winter Quarter and a seat into Vegas in January. Mark is at the helm with his two first-place finishes and this second place. Tie-Dye Matt Darron is a close second with his four consecutive sign-outs. And Gonzo Gary is within striking distance in third with his win and two other sign-outs. Next Sunday we will see who takes the checkered flag.