Rex Skins Skinner

By Gary Lance | May 21, 2023 11:32 AM

At the midway point of the Spring Quarter and of the $100K Promo as a whole, Michael T-Rex MacZynski emerged victorious over the three-full-table Tuesday crowd. He was the sole survivor of what was a four-handed blood match that seemed to last forever. Steve-O The Mad Trapper Ruble, Once-a-While Kyle Skinner, Tony Sriracha Ciaranca, and T-Rex MacZynski all were relatively evenly stacked; battling it out for the top spot of the evening. After at least 20 minutes of the stalemate; one player prognosticated that once the fourth player was eliminated, the remaining three would end in a blaze of glory. He was 100% correct. Tony was the unlucky forth. A few hands later, Steve-O followed suit; pitting Kyle and Rex heads-up. The first hand, with Rex on the button, had Rex go all-in with a snap-call from Kyle. Rex’s 66 held up against Kyle’s KJ. With the double-up, Rex had a roughly 3-to-2 chip lead. Half a dozen or so hands later, Rex (again from the button) bet 2.5x. Kyle raised all-in and Rex called quickly. Klye tabled AJ and Rex flipped over Th9h. The flop delivered Rex a T and the turn and river were empty for Kyle.

One crazy hand from earlier on. With blinds at 75/150, Gutshot Gary limped from UTG+1, as did Edible Cavaciuti from UTG+2. Folded to Barry the Snake who checked from BB. Flop was 9c7c3h. Barry bet 500, Gary called and Edible called. Turn was the Th. Barry bet 1200, Gary jammed all-in (covering both players), and Edible went into the tank. After a solid 90 seconds of internal deliberation and external struggle, Edible made the call. Barry through in his remaining stack, as well. Barry flipped over JJ; Gary QcJc; and Edible Kc8c. The river card was the 3c, giving Edible the win and nearly a triple-up.