Post-Valentine’s Day Massacre

By Gary Lance | Feb 19, 2023 7:59 PM

The mid-point of Q1 of the 100K promo was nothing less than a slaughter. Despite the larger than average turnout, the game was concluded before 11:00. Not only were the cards and chips a-flyin’, but the drinks were a-spillin’. The tone of the evening was set on the very first hand of Table 7 where Dancing Deuces Samantha Jacob clashed with Sonny Delight Cieslak. Sam flopped top-top with AK on a K26 board with two hearts. She bet and Sonny D called. With a 9 on the turn and 9 on the river giving Sam two pair and any heart draw failed to connect; Sam pushed all in. Sonny D called with pocket 9’s for quads. REBUY!!!

In a later hand, Tony Siracha Ciaranca raised Sonny D’s under-the-gun limp with a suited AK. The flop was a beautiful A25 and Tony bet all-in. Sonny considered the situation for a moment and called with A9. To Tony’s horror, he was sent to the rail when a 9 fell on the river.

Leading up to the final table, there were several hands between Steve Big-Butt Bufflap and Gangsta Nick Perez where Steve BBB just couldn’t lose a hand to Nick. One hand after Steve’s KK survived an all-in against Nick’s AQ; Michael Rex MacZynski went all-in with both Sonny D and Steve BBB calling. The flop came Ad 8h 4d. Sonny D checked and Steve BBB went all in. Steve flipped over Ah Tc and Rex sheepishly turned over As 7s. Nick, who was dealing, looked at Rex and said, “Don’t worry. I’m gonna give you a seven”. Burn and 7c on turn. Total gangsta move. A Kd on the river cemented Rex’s triple up.

Once the bubble was burst, an interesting three-way hand occurred where Roy Hernandez knocked out both Gordon the Ghost Hylenski and All-In Mike Herrick. What made it interesting is that both Gordon and Mike had the exact same sized chip stack. The tie breaker for this situation is whichever player has the best hand (as if they were playing heads up). In this case, Mike’s A3 nudged out Gordon’s T2. For future reference, in a case in which both players have the same hand in which they are ko’ed; it would be settled by the suits of their high card (spade, heart, diamond, club).

Shortly after the final table came together, the real massacre began. There was a span of six players getting knocked out in literally six hands in a row. Roy and Nick found themselves heads-up in record time. Third hand of heads-up play, both players limped in to see a flop of Q6x. Nick went all-in and Roy called. QT vs T6. Nick faded the two outer for the win.