Morningstar Outshines the PokerStars

By Gary Lance | Feb 10, 2023 2:06 PM

As we approach the midpoint of the quarter, the theme of this week’s game was domination. The bad beats and the coolers were plentiful; the crowd was a sea of Eagles' green; and with Maya proving triumphant, the ladies have been dominating the boys. Way to go, girls!!!

During the first hour of play, Gordon The Ghost Hylinski , in the cutoff, bet into Jose Jalapeños Waybright’s pocket ladies (on the button). Jose raised, Gordo re-raised enough to put Jose all-in. For 30 seconds, Jose talked it out to himself, saying that he would snap call most players in this game but he knows Gordon doesn’t three bet lite. He proclaimed Gordon probably has kings as he called, totally DNeg-ing himself. Gordon turned over KK. Nothing worse than having to deal your own fate when dominated.

Well, nothing except maybe flopping trips on a TT7 (Happy Birthday!) board while holding T8. Jose gets it all-in with Evil Ed Leonardo only to find himself outkicked with QT. Cooler City Express. Despite the warning of Desperado, he drew the Queen of Diamonds on the turn and was drawing dead. (Contrary to popular belief, the Queen of Hearts was NOT always his best bet). With a 7 on the river officially making it boat v bigger boat; Jose Jalapeños was extinguished and Evil Ed was poised to make a run to the final table.

Meanwhile on the other tables; word spread that All-In Mike Herrick had to re-buy after his pocket AA’s were cracked by JJ. Shortly later he had his pocket KK’s cracked and was sent to the rail. Not to be outdone; Steve Two Minutes Big Butt Bufflap had his own run-in with crack when his AA’s were defeated by KQ and his KK’s were defeated by AJ. As these two can attest, domination isn’t always what it’s cracked up to be.

As the game progressed towards the final table, Maya Morningstar Cuccaro quadrupled up when her low flush draw outdrew her opponents, busting the bubble. Moments later, a double KO lead to the merge of the final table with Maya possessing a formidable stack. As true as the Morning Star rises in the East, Maya rose to chip leader knocking out several opponents. She eventually found herself heads-up with relative new-comer GD Griffin Dight with a 3-to-1 chip lead. They battled back and forth for about 15 minutes until they both flopped middle pair on a 26J board. Maya bet all-in and Griffin called. Our tail of domination concludes with Maya’s A6 holding true to Griffin’s T6.


PPS - We love you too, Pat 🤣