Matt Sandwich on Sweet Bread

By Gary Lance | May 16, 2023 12:34 PM

Tie-Dye Matt Darron took down his first LoHo victory of the season this week. When Matt drew his initial seat, he found himself sandwiched between Karla Kalla Glick (to his right) and Georgeanne Blondie Parag (to his left). When the final table was drawn, he again found himself between Karla (now to his left) and Georgeanne (to his right). He likened it to when you are cooking a sandwich; halfway, you need to flip it to cook it through. The thruple remained this way the entire game. Georgeanne started three-handed play as chip leader, but Matt doubled up through her when his straight clashed with her two-pair. From that point on, Georgeanne bled away chips and finished in third. Matt and Karla then engaged in a back-and-forth battle where the chip lead exchanged hands several times. With a chip lead, Matt went all-in with an A9 and Karla called with pocket 5’s. Matt outdrew Karla and took down the match.

The first hand of the tournament featured this crazy hand. With blinds at 25/50, Badass Becca Averell bet 300 UTG. Action folded to Cool Hand Luc and Rollercoaster Rachel who both called. Flop was the Js9s6d. Rachel checked, Becca bet 500, Luc raised to 1,000, Rachel called, and Becca called. Still three players with nearly 4,000 in the pot and blinds still 25/50; the turn falls the 9c. This time, Rach and Becca check to Luc who bets 1,000. Both players call. The River washes up the 9d. Rach and Becca both check again. Luc goes all-in (~2,700), Rachel folds, and Becca calls. Luc flips over AA and Becca shows QQ. Rachel says she missed her draw. Meanwhile, on the other table: a player during the first hand was dealt pocket KK’s. So we literally had AA, KK, and QQ all dealt the first hand at two tables. To underscore this craziness, there were four rebuys within the first 15 minutes of play. As O.A.R. said, “it was a crazy game of poker.”