Mark Burns Wins Inaugural Logan House Tourney

By Gary Lance | Feb 19, 2023 8:12 PM

Brunch, drinks, and cards in a 160-year-old building. What's not to love? This game and venue has the potential to be the gem of 302 Poker.

Several players, including myself, were playing this event live while playing FPN online, so not many hands here to discuss in detail this week. The key hand came when Gary had 99 in the big blind. Roger limped and Mark bet on the button 3x with Gary and Roger calling. Flop was 8-3-2 and Gary and Roger checked to Mark who went all-in for the forth or fifth time in a dozen hands. Gary called and Roger folded. To Gary’s dismay, Mark actually had AA and no 9 was there to bail Gary out. This hand more than doubled Mark up to a colossal chip lead.

Shortly later, Mike went all-in and Mark begrudgingly called. Mike flipped over AK and Mark had QJ. Mark hit the Q on the turn, KO’ing Mike.

The final hand was a three-way all-in between Roger, Gary, and Mark. Gary had A5, Roger had KQ, and Mark had AT. The flop was T-5-T and that was all she wrote.