Luc The Duke

By Gary Lance | Mar 06, 2023 4:26 PM

Congratulations to Luc The Duke Ciaranca for taking down his first 302 Poker win. His night was full of ups and downs: arriving late and missing out on the early chips, doubling up in coinflip situations at key moments to keep alive. Eventually building the stack that solidified his heads-up victory against Jim Pinball Wizard Perugini. Sadly, there were really no hands of interest that I witnessed or that were reported to me, so my summary of the game will be much less lengthy than my previous entries. But my brevity is no reflection of just how delighted and proud I am to have personally witnessed Luc’s metamorphosis from a green newcomer to standing victorious. Over the last 18 months, his game has completely evolved and the moves he made at the final table totally showed it.

Bravo, young buck!!!