Karla Takes It Down

By Gary Lance | Jan 19, 2023 9:11 AM

In game two of the new series, Karla emurged victorious out of a feild of 32 players to earn her first TOC badge.

Hands of note:

While six handed, Steve "2-Minutes" Bufflap went all-in with a short stack from UTG+1 position. Chip leader Luc "Gucci Lucci" Ciaranca, on the button, looked down at JJ and attempted to isolate. Unawares to him, Kallin' Karla Glick woke up with bullets on the big blind. When the board was finalized, the AA's held up, Steve was on the rail, and Luc's monster stack was crippled.

Heads-up was a battle of attrition between short-stacked Tie-dye Matt Darron and Karla. It concluded when Matt's pocket 10's fell to Karla's J6.