Just Another Manic Monday

By Gary Lance | Jun 06, 2023 8:57 AM

June marks the begining of the end of the second quarter of play in the FPN 100K promo. Morgan Lunchbox Lightcap scored the win against Evil Ed Leonardo in a brief heads-up match.

Funny story. Last week, Morgan and Edible Cavaciuti played heads-up at Timothy's. Morgan got it in several times with the worst hand against Edible and found a way to suck out. this included cracking Edible's AA's twice. Edible, at some point, called Morgan a "Luckbox". Morgan, never hearing this term before, misheard Edible and was wondering why he was being called a "Lunchbox".

Anyway, three games to go in the quarter. Gary and Matt are leading the way with several players in reach. Should be a fun finish.