Josh Pama With The Misfits Poker Win!

By Richmond Flores | Jun 06, 2024 9:20 AM

A remarkable upset occurred at Joe's bar during the poker tournament when novice player Josh Pama emerged victorious, defeating seasoned opponents with years of experience. The mail carrier remained focused throughout the competition and demonstrated exceptional skills and determination. He also had fortunate river cards that granted him the winning hand only 5% of the time. This was evident in his multiple victories against the second-place winner, Dale Schuman , who provided a challenging level of competition. The third-place finisher Kristi King, had a short stack going into the final three and eventually lost, allowing the top two players to continue the competition.
Thank you everyone who made it out to play tonight. Remember there is a new location Thursday night. ROCKSTAR bar. Let's pack the venue Misfits Poker League style.