Jose Dominates Week 3; Bad Beat Trifecta for Gary

By Gary Lance | Jan 20, 2023 9:02 AM

When the remaining two tables of Week 3 of FPN play were merged into one thanks to a simultaneous quadruple KO; Jose arrived at the final table with a rack of chips that would make the mighty Mike McDermott cringe. And as the protagonist of Rounders, Jose settled into his new seat "where he belongs, sitting with the scum bags, telling jokes, dragging the occasional pot". Jose's stack proved indominable, even after the defining hand of the final table which pitted Jose's JJ vs short stacked Rex's QQ vs Suchat's 44. Rex's Ladies held up for the much needed triple up while remainder of Suchat's stack was absorbed into Jose's. Rex carried that momentum into heads up play, where Jose had at least a 5-to-1 chip lead. In taking down the victory, Jose survived the bounty placed upon his head birthday-boy, Pat McVeigh.

An interesting side note, in chat prior to week 3 play, Tie-Dye Matt had the audacity to imply that his victimization by bad beats was on par with Gary's. Well, Gary shot that nonsense down with a furious trifecta of bad beats that would have induced an aneurysm in the great Phil Hellmuth had he the indignity of suffering the same fate. Noone needs (or wants) to hear the details of a bad beat story or two...or three: but I will just say that after the flop, each of the dominated hands were ~11%, ~12%, and ~9% to catch-up. Chances of all three suckouts hitting are about 0.12% or about 1.2 in a thousand. Needless to say, the crown still sits firmly on Gary's steaming head. lol