"It's Sunday"

By Gary Lance | Apr 04, 2023 3:05 PM

The first game of the Spring Quarter came and went with Gonzo Gary emerging as the winner. There were two definitive hands in the endgame which led to this outcome. The first was a double up through Tee Bone Christopher when the turn card made Gary the nut straight and Tee a lower straight. The second was a double up through Evil Ed Leonardo while three-handed. Tee Bone called from the button, Evil Ed bet from SB with AJ and Gonzo Gary raised all-in from the BB. Tee folded and Ed called after a moment of consideration. Gary tabled 99 and Ed flipped his AJ. The flop seemed a safe T75. The turn was dagger-like J. And the river was redeeming 8. After these two hands, Gary had an approx. 20-to-1 chip lead on both Tee and Ed.

Earlier, while still at two tables and the blinds at 200/400-400; action was folded to the small blind were Cool Hand Luc Ciaranca looked down at a crabby pair of 3’s. Luc bet 1200 into Tee Bone’s big blind. Tee decided to defend with a crappy 82. The flop was 654 giving both players an open-ended straight draw. Luc continuation bets his draw with a bet of 1600 and Tee calls. Turn was 7. Danger, Will Robinson!!! Luc bets 2000, Tee all-in, Luc calls, and the river fails to deliver a split.

Next Sunday is Easter, so we will be playing on Saturday the 8th. See you on the felt.