Illinois State Championship -Fall 2023

By John Kolb | Nov 08, 2023 3:21 PM

Here are the results from the Illinois State Championship (Fall 2023 - Spring+Summer Season qualifiers).

Big thanks to everyone who participated!

The top 10 finishers received a trophy and seat to FPN Vegas $100k World Championship Main Event, and the top 3 received travel vouchers!

1st: Alexander Aguirre (Alex) (2x bonus stack)
2nd: Loretta Henschel (Loretta54) (3x bonus stack)
3rd: Michael Mejia (CheckFold) (3x bonus stack)
4th: Jack Black (morenewinfo) (2x bonus stack)
5th: Martin Puig (pugs30th) (4x bonus stack)
6th: Cathleen Willson (3x bonus stack)
7th: Linda Fotre (itenefour) (4x bonus stack)
8th: Richard Cauble (Aldemuvs) (2x bonus stack)
9th: Kristopher Smith (Smeece) (2x bonus stack)
10th: Robert Willing (4x stack)

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