Exciting Finale to May's Maverick Poker League Play

By Neal Petermann | May 22, 2024 12:08 PM

As the Maverick Poker League gears up for the Free Poker Network Championship in Las Vegas next week, players gathered for one last week of league play in May. Nineteen players joined for an exhilarating night of Texas Hold'em, concluding the second month of the "Desert Dash for Cash" promotion.

The competition was fierce from the start, with last season’s league champion and Tournament of Champions winner both clinching the top spot in game one. However, their luck didn’t hold, as they exited early in the second game. This left an opening for Rick Hoag and Mike Pjeter, who seized the opportunity. Going into game three, they were tied for the lead.

Relative newcomer Lewis Iler was just a point behind, with Amber Soper and Scott Sutter trailing closely, only three points back. In a now-familiar pattern, both point leaders stumbled early in the final game, leaving the night wide open. Iler capitalized on the opportunity, securing a victory at his table, while Amber Soper took second place.

The final standings saw Lewis Iler take the night’s top honors. Michael Pjeter managed to secure second place, winning a tiebreaker over Amber Soper. It was a great night of poker for all three players, showcasing their skills and competitive spirit.

In a delightful twist, Amanda Dudeck added to the excitement by giving birth to Kaleb Allen after a night of poker, surprising the entire Maverick Poker League community. Congratulations to Jason and Amanda on their new arrival!

As the league heads to Las Vegas for the Free Poker Network’s "Step in the Ring" tournaments, the players are eager to continue their high-stakes action on a bigger stage. Stay tuned for updates and watch as the Maverick Poker League members take on new challenges and vie for glory in the desert.