Brandyn Braun First Weekly Winner in Step in The Ring Qualifier Series

By John Kolb | Oct 15, 2023 9:01 PM

Weekly Qualifier Results: Sunday, October 15th

Brandyn Braun (Brandyn22B) of Minnesota defeated 73 players in the first Step in The Ring Weekly Qualifier. Brandyn wins an entry in the Step in The Ring National Championship as well as a $200 travel voucher!

He plays at Danny's Dugout in Sauk Rapids and PlayFPN.

2nd: Harry Burns (Haretoad) from North Dakota
3rd: Mike Chilarski (postal1) from Nevada
4th: James Paskett (Jim-the-Twin) from North Dakota
5th: Randall Leblanc (RandyLeB) from Nevada
6th: Wanda Fuerstenberg (PKRQWN) from MN
7th: Kevin Dietsch (AlanD617) from KY
8th: Zack Kennedy (zachtheshake) from ND
9th: Mark Johnson (Mark_J) from MN

These players have also won a spot in the first Step In The Ring Monthly Qualifier, which will take place on Sunday November 19th, 12 p.m. CST.

Players! Did you know that? In the nickname section of your profile, you may enter your screen name. It aids us in determining who is who in the weekly qualifiers.

How to Qualify

The top three players from any regular-season game advance to weekly qualifying. When the host uploads and locks the tournament results on, players receive an automated message with a ticket or code. You must first check in to to read the alerts. To get alerts, make sure your host is verifying your confirmed player account!

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