Becca Blissfully Brutalizes the Boys

By Gary Lance | Jan 27, 2023 10:43 AM

Badass Becca Averell emerged victorious in Pauper Poker to conclude the first month of quarter one play. It was a evening full of big hands, bad beats, crazy laydowns, and one ruthless slowroll from hell.

The night started with Tre Manning tabling a Royal Straight Flush on the third hand of play. Tre stated that he had never as much as seen the Royale in person, let alone hit his first.

Not many hands after, Luc "Gucci Lucci" Ciaranca was involved in a hand with half the table. The preflop aggressor, Radiant Rachel Simpson, bet the flop (Q86) and the turn (Q) with everyone calling. An ace on the river slowed Rachel down, allowing Gonzo Gary to take control and bet 1300 into the ~5000 pot. Luc, looking somewhat ill at ease, slid his cards to the player on his left and said "look what I'm laying down." The incredulous look on his neighbor's face scream “WTF dude!!!”. Gary took the pot without showdown. Luc is patiently awaiting the broadcast on The Ocho to see if his QJ fold was a sick read or fear of the monster under the bed.

Back to Badass Becca, she entered the final table with a formidable stack, but not a monster by any means. She had a big hand early in which she took down a player and doubled up through the chip leader. She then commenced to systematically knocking out players as if they were mere pawns to her queen. Fittingly, in the second hand of heads up play, her QQ dominated Gary’s JJ for her second overall Pauper’s win and her second win of the week (Timothy’s on Monday). This girl is on fire!!!

One last note, when four handed, there was a lot of playful craptalking banter going back and forth between Gary and Roger “The Rounder” Senigo. Rounder was complaining that he hadn’t won a single hand at the final table and implored us to take pity (we each had a minimum of 6x his stack). Gary told him that if he was down to one chip, he’d forfeit the pot to him. So…the very next hand, Roger limped from the small blind and Gary checked with K5 in the big blind. Flop came Kxx and Gary sized the bet to leave Roger exactly one chip. Roger than playfully goes on about how that was intentional and this and that and some more of this for literally over a minute before finally throwing in all his chips. Gary calls and immediately flips over his top pair. Roger, eventually after more speech, tables KK for top set. Shortly after, the blinds went up and Roger went down in 4th.