Main Event Mania - Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How Do I Qualify?

A: Monthly leaders advance to regional and/or state playoffs. Win at State to qualify for the 2019 FPN Main Event Mania championship tournament. Other ways to qualify include Scratch Poker cards, perfect attendance drawings, bonus and VIP online tourneys etc.

Q: How many players will qualify?

A: Approximately 60-70 players will qualify directly for the 2019 Main Event Mania Championship Main Event through State Champs & Super-TOC contests. Another 100 or so players will qualify through side tournaments at nationals including League Champions bonus freeroll and Last Chance cash buy-in tournaments for a total field Main Event field of approx 150-200 players. Grand total all participants expected to be approx 300-350 FPN players.

Q: What is the League Champ & TOC Bonus Freeroll at Nationals?

A: ALL Main Event Mania Medallion holders (League Champs and TOC Winners) will automatically earn a seat in the BONUS League Champ Freeroll at Nationals. Even if a player has already qualified for the MAIN EVENT MANIA Championship Main Event they can still play this opening round bonus tourney to qualify for a bonus starting stack. Note: all League Champs and TOC winners still play their State Tourneys to attempt to earn Travel Vouchers, Trophies, and of course a seat in the MAIN EVENT MANIA Championship Main Event.

Q: What are details of the Last Chance Tourneys?

A: A series of Last Chance cash buy-in tourneys and Sit-N-Go’s will be available to ALL FPN national qualifiers as another way to qualify or earn up to 3x starting stack in the MAIN EVENT MANIA Championship Main Event. These will be low cash buy-in flighted tournaments which will feed the Main Event Prize Pool. No cash will be awarded in the Last Chance Tourneys, only the 2019 MAIN EVENT MANIA Championship Main Event. If you do not qualify for the Main Event directly or in the bonus freeroll at nationals, you can still qualify by placing in the top 15% of one of the Last Chance Cash Buy-In Tourneys or Sit-n-Go’s.

Q: Are Last Chance Tourneys open to the public?

A: No. Only FPN league players who have qualified for nationals are invited to participate.

Q: What is the total prize pool?

A: 2019 MAIN EVENT MANIA Championship Main Event prize pool expected to exceed $50,000, with 1st through 3rd place each $10,000 and the remaining prize pool distributed to approx top 20%. Note! An additional $15,000-$20,000 above and beyond the the championship prize pool will be given away in travel vouchers awarded at State / TOC contests.

Q: How Much are the Travel Vouchers
A: Vouchers may vary from FREE hotel stay, $200 travel voucher (most common) or up to $500 voucher for certain State champs (to be determined by state/region based on total participation).

Q: Why Did FPN Expand the National Tourney Format?
A: To create a more EXCITING poker league championship event with MORE poker action and BIGGER cash prizes. One of the benefits of an exclusive FPN event is the entire prize pool will be distributed to FPN players! Also, having a larger group allows FPN to negotiate better group rates and more sponsorship which translates to more travel vouchers, swag, etc.

Q: If I’ve already qualified for the 2019 FPN Championship Main Event can I play in the last chance tournaments or sit-n-go’s?

A: Yes, if you have qualified directly for the Main Event, you can still play Last Chance tourneys to get bonus chips at the final (3x starting stack max).

Q: I thought this was FREE poker now I have to pay for tournament buy-ins?

A: The 2019 FPN MAIN EVENT MANIA Championship Main Event is a FREEROLL and you can qualify for it by playing free poker at your bar and regional/state tourneys. Nothing has changed there. The difference is the Last Chance cash tourneys have been expanded. For years now we have been giving a very limited number of player(s) an opportunity to play a First Chance/Last Chance cash tourney at nationals. This promotion expands on those side tourneys (for FPN qualifiers only). More tourney qualifiers and poker action is good for the community as a whole.

Q: What is the amount of the Last Chance buy-ins and Sit-n-Go’s?

A: The 2019 FPN MAIN EVENT MANIA Championship schedule will be posted closer to the event date. Plans are for the Last Chance cash tourneys to be low buy-in.

Q: How long will I need to plan to be away?

A: As usual we will plan for three (3) days, four (4) nights at the national sponsor location! A group discount code will be available, please book your stay with the sponsoring property. The more support we give the hotel, the better group rates we can achieve in the future.

Q:  What is the biggest stack I can achieve for the National Championship or TOC/LC freeroll?

A: Max starting stack in 2019 FPN MAIN EVENT MANIA Championship Main Event is 3x. The League Champ Freeroll 3x (qualifying as League Champ both quarters, or winning multiple TOC’s, or combination).

Q: What are the Online VIP Tournaments?

A: VIP members of FPN Online will have access to monthly qualifier for the 2019 FPN MAIN EVENT MANIA Championship MAIN EVENT plus $200 Travel Voucher!  Game Cards will give players entry to two more qualifiers (in January & APril). Online VIP members will have access to the MAIN EVENT MANIA every month.  

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