Dale Hjelmgren Becomes Wisconsin's Newsest Champ

At the Party at the Palms National Championship at the Palms Casino in Las Vegas on June 28th, Dale Hjelmgren from the Outer Limits in New Richmond took his seat trying to become one of the newest 21 FPN grand prize winners.  He played in a sit-n-go where the top three at his table would win a $1,500 package.  Unfortunately for Dale he wasn't able to win during the first try, but he still had another chance.  There was a second tournament where the top three players in a four-table, 30 person tournament would win the last of $1,500 packages.

Dale played great poker and finished in the top three winning himself a $1,500 package.  Not only did Dale become the one of the newest FPN champions, he also got to see Las Vegas like a highroller as the National Championship was held in the Kingpin and Erotic Suites on the 25th floor.  Check out the view behind him looking at the Rio.

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