SD Cash King Winners

Congrats to the following players who won at the SD Cash King State Championship.  The top 3 won entry into the Main Event.

1.) Galen Nelson - SD Special Olympics Tourney
2.) John Allison - Grey Goose
3.) Duane Hand - Midland Foods
4.) Dennis Dodge - Gibby's
5.) George Cokins - Bake's
6.) Kerry Dilley - Grey Goose
7.) Melissa Svanda - Gibby's
8.) Dennis Bechtold - Grey Goose
9.) Sue Perleberg - Lucky's Drinkery
10.) Bob Granderson - Grey Goose
11.) Took Martins - Bake's
12.) Ben Tesch - Thirsty Duck
13.) Marlys DeVries - Safari
14.) Tom Wright - Safari
15.) Mike Stahl - Bakes
Last Chance Winners
Mark Maynard
Al Kingsly
Nathan Iverson

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