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Michael Kliniske Wins FPN Online Winter Regional

Michael Kliniske from Buffalo, ND recently won the FPN Online winter regional championship.  Michael took down the Jamestown-Valley City-South regional back in April qualifying him for the winter regional championship.  Each player that won a regional throughout the network received a certificate to play in this exclusive tournament.  There were only 42 given out.  Those 42 people competed for a seat into the Vegas or Bust National Championship which includes the airfare allowance and free hotel stay.

Jim Scherer Wins April's Perfect Attendance Drawing

jim scherer 160wLeague player Jim Scherer who plays out of the Bison Turf was the lucky winner in the April's perfect attendance drawing.  For just showing up at the Bison Turf in Fargo, ND all four weeks in April, Jim won 100 scratch poker cards.  Jim and his wife furiously scratched off the tickets before league play, but 100 was a lot to go through so he even gave some to everyone that showed up last night to help him.

May's perfect attendance drawing will before a seat into the Golden Ticket's National Championship.  Don't miss out.

Dan Craft & Rick Adams Secure Their Vegas or Bust Seats

dan-craft 160wRick Adams from Dilworth, MN locked in his spot at the Vegas or Bust National Championship by taking down the JC Corral's Super TOC.  This was the second promotion in a row Rick has won JC's Super TOC going back to back.  Dan Craft (pictured) from Fargo, ND won his spot in the Vegas or Bust National Championship by taking down the Bowler's Super TOC.  Way to go guys!!!

10 New Winners in ND

nd vegasorbust 160wThis past weekend players from all over the state of North Dakota gathered to take their chance of qualifying for the "Vegas or Bust" National Championship.  Up for grabs were ten spots with the top five winning the bonus of an airfare allowance and hotel accommodations.  In the end there were ten brand new champions!

Bob Rice - Hooterville Bar, Minot
Daryl Braun - Knights of Columbus, Jamestown
Chris Sanders - M&J Saloon, West Fargo
Lori Fugelstad - Pit Stop, Clifford
Dave Gray - Reza's Pitch, Bismarck
Mark Kaffer - Big Lounge, Beulah (right)
Paul Larson - The Bowler, Fargo (left)
Stuart Paulson - At the Hop, Langdon (middle)
Blake Sandmeier - The Bowler, Fargo (2nd from right)
Ted Bjornstad - Gordy's, Cando (2nd from left)

Lonnie Hillen Scratches Off Four of Kind

lonnie h 160wLonnie Hillen of Fargo, ND recently scratched off four tens to qualify for the Vegas or Bust National Championship on July 4th. Lonnie took all seven attempts to get the quad tens, but in the end it worked as he becomes the 15th qualifier for the Vegas or Bust National Championship.

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