News and events from the Nebraska Poker League

Renee Held Wins WWE Package

renee_400wPlaying FPN Online has paid off for long time league player Renee Held from Columbus, Nebraska. She outlasted 1,045 other players online in the $1,700 WWE  Event Championship. Early on she was down to 230 chips, but continued to keep battling.

Renee said, "The river was good to me" and in a matter of three hours was the last player left. The prize includes airfare and hotel to Oakland, California for the February 20th WWE Chamber Elimination Pay Per View event! Congrats Renee, it's great to hear about another league player winning big playing free poker!

Nebraska Gold Rush 2 Champion Glenn Neighbors On His Way to Las Vegas!

glennn_500wOn a sunny, 80 degree October day in Hoskins, Nebraska, 52 players from as far as North Platte came together to play their best poker to see who would become Nebraska's new state champion for our Gold Rush 2 promotion. There were a lot of familiar faces in the crowd as most players competed in at least one state championship before.

Lots of pictures are uploaded on the FPN Facebook page. Be sure to tag your friends!

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Glen Nichols Becomes Nebraska State Champ

Legends Bar and Grill in Lincoln, NE, was brimming with 76 poker players from around the state who were hoping to stake their claim to the Desination Las Vegas Nebraska State Championship Title this past Saturday, May 15th. The action got underway at 12 pm sharp, with 24 players starting with a double chip stack advantage. Like elsewhere around the country, the weather in Lincoln was a dream, which mirrored many of the players hopes to make the final table. However, one person's dream was cut short early. Within the first hour of tournament play we had lost our first player--Randy Keldsen from the Sand Bar in Pleasanton. Randy didn't go home empty handed though. We sent him off with hopes to make the next state championship and some sweet FPN gear.

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Nebraska Fall Spectacular Championship Review

{sidebar id=8}On Saturday, February 20th players from all around the state of Nebraska filed into The Depot in Norfolk to see who would become the next Nebraska Poker League State Champion. A total of 67 people showed up with dreams of being the last man or woman standing. There were many hopefuls and some past champions looking to win their second championship. The action began at 1 pm sharp and a crowd of spectators began filing in soon after. 



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