News and events from the Nebraska Poker League

FPN Joins the Racing Circuit

cory haase 600wRecently the Free Poker Network has joined the racing circuit sponsoring Corey Haase racing in the Norfolk area.  If you get a chance to see him and the number two car make sure to cheer him on!!!

Bob Timberlake Wins!!!

bob timberlake 160wThe day was Sunday February 19th when Bob Timberlake got the monkey off his back.  Bob a big supporter of the league and bar owner out of Omaha, NE was able to take down the regional winners online championship.  Every person who won a regional for the fall quarter competed online for a full Vegas package and a spot in the Vegas or Bust National Championship.  Bob who won the Eastern Nebraska regional took the regional online championship tournament down.  Bob has been very, very close in live play, he is a fixture in the NE state championships and has made the final table three times and now has his spot secured.  He will be playing for a double stack at the state championship and we all look for him to go deep and make a run at the double stack for Nationals.

Nebraska Qualifies Four To Vegas

ne winners ppOn Oct 15th Michael Carnes (far left) and Kip Koch (second from left) were the big winners, with Charlie Woods (second in from right) and Larry Hansen (far right) also securing their spots in the FPN Poker Pro final on December 3rd. Ironically going into the tournament Michael Carnes had already solidified his spot in the National Championship by making 4 of a kind on a Scratch Poker card earlier this season. Now with his big win at the Nebraska State Tournament he will have a double stack at the national final!

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Two NE Players win $1000 Buy-In

sean heile 300wlarry h 300wSean Heile (left) from the TD Club in North Platte and Larry Hansen (right) from the Depot in Norfolk made the most of their Poker Pro National Championship.  Both players competed in the 75 person tournament with the top 10 winning a seat into the following days Bellagio annual Five Diamond Classic Tournament.  Sean ended up getting second place just missing out on the $10,000 Poker Pro contract and respectively Larry got 9th place each winning the $1,000 + $80 tournament buy-in the following day.  Unfortunately the next day didn't go as well, but both came away with a great experience. 

Kathy Westman Wins Spot in Poker Pro National Championship

On Saturday October 1st Kathy Westman (kwest1962) from North Platte, NE was the latest winner to qualify for the Poker Pro National Championship on December 4th.  Along with her seat in the National Championship she won airfare allowance and a hotel stay at Harrah's Casino in Las Vegas.  Ironically Kathy went heads up against Jeff Henne (idahored) who also hails from North Platte, NE for the win.  For his second place effort Jeff won himself an I-Pod Shuffle.  There is still one more online chance to qualify for the Poker Pro National Championship on November 1st, make sure to be using up your gamecards.

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