3-Time NE State Champ Jeff Shulz Highlights Field

NE 100-WSOP-Champs 160wThis past weekend at the Daily Double in Denton poker players had their eyes on the prize of getting into the top seven to qualify for the National Championship.  Jeff Shulz (Touchdown Club, North Platte) joined the elite group of three time state champions.  Joining Jeff in Las Vegas was Pat McGrane (Daily Double, Denton), Rick Hammer (Blarney Stone, O'Neill), Lynda Andersen (Wheelers, Hoskins), Mike Sprouls (Wakefield Bowl, Wakefield), Chuck Roberts (Touchdown Club, North Platte) and Steve Schluns (Eagles Club, Norfolk).  In the second chance tournament for one last qualifier seat for any busted players or spectator Doug Lage (Fugglies, Norfolk) won and will be joining the other seven players in Las Vegas.

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