Experience Pays Off For Schulz, Miller


jeff_and_jeff_160Jeff Miller and Jeff Schulz were the big winners in the Nebraska Poker League championship over the weekend, both of whom have previously won World Series of Poker seats through the league (2008 and 2007 respectively)...

At the start of the day at the Nebraska State Championship there were 60 players ready to take a shot at an opportunity to win a trip to Vegas and a seat in the Sin City Showdown National Championship...One player, former Destination Las Vegas Champion Jeff Miller, showed up a little late as he had to work in the morning. He took his chair and "clocked in"...


Towards the end of the tournament all Jeff's co-league players from Omaha had been knocked out of the tournament and he made the comment he was going to "show them his new trophy". Watching the tournament unfold was very interesting as Jeff Miller was making his run. Another former champ, Jeff Schulz from the Touchdown Club in North Platte was also making his presence felt, as he was accumulating a lot of chips. At the previous championship that Miller won, Schulz and Miller had a little bit of a verbal spat.

Both Jeff and Jeff had deep chip stacks and tended to avoid confrontations with each other throughout the tournament. They both were very aggressive and used their chip stacks to put pressure on other players, and it paid off. Their previous championship experience showed.

Final table: kelly_and_adam_1601.) Jeff Schulz from the TD Club 103,000
2.) Heather Lenox from the Depot 37,000
3.) Hugh Riley from thte Depot 127,500
4.) Duane Lienamen the Max 59,000
5.) Jeff Miller from the MVP Lounge 126,500
6.)Andy Wilken from the Daily Double 162,000
7.) Kelly Smith from the TD Club 33,000
8.) Troy Hyberger from Daily Double 5,500
9.) Adam Indra from the Brass Rail 55,000
10.) Doc Jahnke from Wakefield Bowl 39,000

At the final table Miller and Schulz continued to use their experience to guide themselves to victory. It was a roller coaster ride for Jeff Miller, but in the end he did prevail. Each won the package trip to Las Vegas and the incredible achievement of winning multiple national qualification and prize packages. Kelly Smith (pictured left foreground) and Adam Indra (pictured left background) also both qualified for the national finals.