Champion David Kalet hits the $$$CASH$$$

National Champion David Kalet has made it through World Series of Poker Main Event day 3 and is now in the cash.  The least amount David can win is $15,000, but hopefully he can get some double ups and keep going for more!  David had kind of a rough day 3 when he got tangled up with a couple big stacks.  The first hand he had A-K of clubs when the flop came with two clubs, but couldn't catch the third one.  The other one was he had his Aces cracked against the big stack when the flop came Q high.  The big stack kept betting into him as David was trapping him, but unfortunately the river came a 6 to give the big stack two pair and crack his aces.  They played an extra hour last night until the bubble burst and in that hour David was stingy and just absorbing the blinds folding good starting hands like K-J and A-Q until it finally broke. He is sitting with 64k and will be starting day four with a 1k ante and blinds at 3k-6k.  Wishing him some quick double ups!


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