Michael Ackermann from Lake City, MN Wins $10,000 CASH

Congrats to Michael Ackermann from Lake City, MN won $10,000 in the CASH KING promotion! He qualified for the national final by scratching off 4-of-a-kind on a Scratch Poker card. Weekly winners in the league get a chance to play the Scratch Card when winning any regular season poker tournament for a chance to win instant CASH and QUALIFY for Nationals!

The great state of Minnesota is the largest region in the league!

Matt Wolff's Lucky Streak Continues

matt w straight-flush-160wIn case you missed it over the weekend on our facebook page, Matt Wolff from Willmar, MN lucky streak continued.  At his regional he received a scratch card and proceeded to scratch off a straight flush.  This qualifies Matt for the National Championship and is the third time he won this way.  Last promotion Matt was the first person ever to scratch off a Royal Flush with an A-10 of hearts.  This past weekend he almost did it again, Matt had the A, Q, J, 10, 9, and 8 of hearts missing out on another royal flush by not finding the king.  However, the Q-8 was good enough to earn him $200 and a spot in the National Championship in Las Vegas this summer.  A couple years ago Matt was also lucky enough to find four of a kind to qualify him as well for a National Championship. 

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John Rottman Finds Winning Gamecard

john rottman 160wJohn Rottman from Maple Grove, MN found the first direct to Nationals winning gamecard.  John received his winning gamecard at the Blue Fox Bar in Arden Hills, MN.  There are a handful that were sent out at the beginning of the promotion.  Each gamecard has a code on it and select few have special code that will qualify the person that enters it directly into the National finals this summer.  Way to go John and make sure you use your gamecards as you could be as lucky as John and qualify directly for the National Championship.

First Ever $1,000 Royal Flush Winner

matt w 160wIt has finally happened!  Matt Wolff from Spicer, MN who plays in leagues all of the state of MN, has done it!  Matt scratched off the Royal Flush to qualify for the Golden Ticket National Championship AND WIN $1,000 in cold hard cash!  Every scratch poker card has the chance of winning $1,000 instantly and Matt was lucky enough to get the A-K-Q-J-10 of hearts.  It took all seven attempts as Matt said he was open ended with the K-Q-J-10.  On his last attempt he started scratching and saw a red ace.  He was now down to a 50/50 with the ace of diamonds giving him nothing just missing out and the ace of hearts landing him a thousand bucks.  After continued scratching to reveal the ace of hearts Matt said his hands were shaking and he almost started hyperventilating not believing his luck.  It just goes to prove at any night in the poker league you could be the next $1,000 instant winner!

Steve Lenz Wins Monthly Drawing for 2 Pair or Better

Steve Lenz from Ottertail, MN who plays at the Hoot N Hollar was just drawn for the monthly two pair or better drawing.  Steve scratched off a pair of jacks and a pair of sevens to get qualified.  By getting his name pulled he is now qualified for the National Championship in end of June or beginning of July.  Congratulations Steve!

Marilyn Bodin Wins National TOC Tournament

marilyn bodin 160wMarilyn Bodin from Fergus Falls, MN was the winner of the Bonus National TOC Tournament held this past Sunday.  Marilyn took down the Z103 TOC night to qualify for her entry.  She then parlayed it into a spot in the National Championship in December.  The tournament structure was changed to give players more play which turned into a much longer tournament.  Marilyn was able to defeat previous champion Tomi Hamilton heads up at 3:30 in the morning.  She was so happy she won she then had a hard time getting to sleep before having to get up for work in the morning she said.  In the end it all paid off as Marilyn will get a vacation to Las Vegas and a chance at a $10,000 first place prize.

Minnesota Tradition Continues

  • OVer ninety (90) WSOP buy-ins including five (6) $10,000 Main Event seats have been awarded to Minnesota players!
  • Over $338,865 and counting..seats, air/hotel packages, and other bonus prizes have been awarded to Minnesota players since 2005!! This does NOT include prizes given away at nightly events, regional events, and other miscellaneous prizes. This is major prizes only!!!

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