News and events from the Illinois region.

Gerri Wagner and Tyke Almquist are the Big Winners in IL State Championship

Gerri Wagner and Tyke Almquist were the big winners of the Illinois State Championship as they took first and second respectively at the 100 WSOP IL State Championship.  The state championship consisted of all players from FPN in the state of IL coming together to determine who the new champs were to get qualified for the National Championship in Las Vegas.  Both Gerri and Tyke won airfare allowance and a hotel stay.

The top five players all qualified, joining Gerry and Tyke are Anthony Burbatt, Jason Lestina, and David Beseke.  All five will be shooting for the final table to win a $1,000 WSOP buy-in or if one of them wins it all they get the $1,000 buy-in and a $10,000 Main Event Seat.  Congratulations to all and good luck in Nationals!

Doug Warden Takes Home Illinois Championship Again

doug warden 160wDoug Warden from Zeigler Illinois could be the hottest player in the league right now.  In the last promotion "Vegas or Bust" Doug won the Southern Illinois Championship to win the airfare allowance and hotel stay.  In July Doug took third place in the National Championship at the MGM Casino winning a seat into the WSOP.  In the Golden Ticket promotion Doug won the Southern Illinois Championship again!  Doug has won the airfare allowance and hotel stay to compete in back to back National Championships hoping to use his experience to become the National Champion this go around.

Doug Warden Wins WSOP Seat

doug-warden 160wDoug Warden from Zeigler, IL was a dominate force in the recent Vegas or Bust National Championship.  Altogether there were 99 competitors that came from 19 different states to Las Vegas at the MGM poker room.  Doug played solid poker all day and came in tenth place to win himself a $1,000 seat into the World Series of Poker Event #59 the following day.  The top eleven players all won a seat into Event #59 with the overall winner also receiving a $10,000 Main Event Seat.  Altogether over $22,000 in cash and prizes were awarded and Doug was able to get a piece of that.

Kenny Stebbins Wins August Drawing

kenny-stebbins 160wCongratulations to Kenny Stebbins from West Frankfort Illinois as his scratch poker card was drawn for the two pair or better drawing for the month of August.  Kenny scratched off two pair of eights and sevens.  Kenny is now qualified for the Golden Ticket National Championship on December 10th at the Mirage poker room in Las Vegas.

Doug Warden Wins Big in Southern Illinois vorb 160wDoug Warden became the new champion in Southern Illinois recently securing his spot at the Vegas or Bust National Championship at the MGM casino on July 4th.  For his victory Doug also wins airfare allowance and a free hotel stay at Hooters Casino.  Joining Doug will be Bonnie Dotson (pictured) and Carol Leeman who finished second and third respectively.  All three players will be trying to win one of the twelve seats into this year's World Series of Poker which is up for grabs on July 4th.  Congratulations and we look forward to seeing all three of you in Vegas soon!

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