Main Event Mania Just Got Even More Crazy

Whoa, check this out! FPN has added a $10,000 MAIN EVENT SEAT to the League Champ/TOC Bonus Freeroll at Nationals! This means effectively there are TWO (2) CHAMPIONSHIP level events to play at the Main Event Mania National Series if you qualify for both. We will re-name the League Champ/TOC Freeroll to LEAGUE CHAMP CHAMPIONSHIP. This free tournament is for Medallion holders only (League Champs and Tournament of Champions winners). Those upcoming TOC Tourneys just got a LOT more interesting didn't they?! Good luck everyone! 

Main Event Mania - Tournament Schedule

If you're on the fence about making it to nationals to compete for a $10,000 Main Event Seat, I'll remind you that last year 1st Place was over $8 MILLION! Run good, my friends :)